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James M. Beidler came by his German genealogy expertise honestly – it took him more than 20 years of searching to find any ancestry that wasn’t from Germany! Beidler is a columnist for German Life magazine and is considered a "go-to" person for German genealogy articles and lectures. He has written several books on researching the genealogy of German-speaking peoples. He also has expertise in the genealogy of the people of his native Pennsylvania, newspapers, and land records.

Published 2019

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The Family Tree Historical Atlas of Germany,

This new atlas brought to you by author James M. Beidler gives you all the maps you need to research your German-speaking ancestors. The areas that area now Germany—as well as Austria, Switzerland and other territories in which German-speaking people resided—are examined from Roman times to the present day, including detail maps from the prime emigration period during the Second Reich. More than a hundred full-color maps!

Other Beidler Publications
Other Beidler Publications

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Roots & Branches

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The Best of Roots & Branches,

Read Roots & Branches, the only syndicated weekly column on genealogy in Pennsylvania – featured in the Altoona Mirror.

5th Edition Now Available. The book offers practical information regarding methodology, case studies, websites, record groups, DNA, newspapers, and more. It’s organized by category—perfect for small snippets of reading time or a cover-to-cover binge.

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